Senator Kerry in Pakistan apologizes over Raymond Davis tragic incident

Headshot of John Kerry with the U.S. flag in t...Image via WikipediaVia The Express Tribune PK:

US Senator John Kerry said Tuesday his country was “deeply sorry” over the killing of two Pakistanis by a US official, after arriving in Pakistan to resolve a diplomatic row over the man.

“We are deeply, deeply sorry for that tragic incident,” Kerry told a press conference soon after arriving in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore.

“I want to come here to express our deepest regret for those tragic events and to express the sorrow of American people for the loss of life that has taken place,” he said.

Kerry, who arrived in Lahore late Tuesday, is
the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who helped spearhead a record $7.5 billion aid package for Pakistan, is well respected in the country.

He will also meet government officials to reassure them of long-term US commitment to Pakistan, said a spokeswoman for the US embassy in Islamabad.

“He’s coming tonight to speak with government officials about the relationship and reaffirm support for the strategic relationship,” said spokeswoman Courtney Beale.

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