Has WikiLeaks save you the trouble of FOIAing your own cables?

Via NPR by Steve LeVine | Diplomats Secretly Love WikiLeaks

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials have condemned the WikiLeaks document dump — but judging by my email traffic, not all American officials are all that upset. Some, in fact, are delighted with the whole affair, for reasons ranging from professional pride in their handiwork to the opportunity to air longstanding grievances over possibly wrongheaded public perceptions of foreign events.
Diplomats labor under anonymity that some find unbearable; surely many of them dream of writing the next “Long Telegram.” So it is that another diplomat told me he can barely wait for WikiLeaks to get around to those he has written over the years. “The leaks save me the trouble of FOIAing my cables,” this diplomat told me by email. ” … I’m just anticipating with pleasure seeing some of my reporting.”

Um, okay! We understand but did he really say that in an email?  Active link added.  Read the whole thing here.

We still want to know who wrote the colorful report on that wedding somewhere in the Caucasus. Must be bitter-sweet to see all the press clips that single cable generated in the last several days, only to have it attributed to the chief of mission whose name appears at the bottom of the telegram.