Black Comedy Central: Catch and Release in Afghanistan …let’s now show some balls

Via Reuters: (rant follows)

Afghan security forces are freeing captured senior Taliban for payment or political motives, with President Hamid Karzai and his powerful brother among those authorizing and requesting releases.
The Defense Ministry and National Directorate of Security, President Karzai’s office and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force all declined to respond to questions on Ghulam Haidar’s case or the wider issue of Taliban releases.

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Our troops catch ’em, and they release them? Just great! 

How much more firking nutty should that place be before we finally say — ENOUGH! and bring the troops home?

Yes, that’s my uppercase voice and I am screaming at my screen.  I find this deeply disturbing. How much longer are we allowing these jokers to spin us silly in the name of security? How many more deaths and injury among our troops? How much more money down that mucky drain that no Drano Max can cure?   

We already have the freaking nutty distinction of being longer in that place than the Soviets were in the 80’s. Are we really going to put up with this until 2014? Really?