Social Media: The Real Life Social Network

Filtering to Gain Social Network ValueImage by Intersection Consulting via Flickr

Paul Adams works as a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google. He is the research lead for sociability, and work with teams building products and features for the social web. He previously worked as a User Experience consultant at Flow and as an Industrial Designer at Dyson.  For the data behind the presentation below, Adams writes that “I’m truly standing on the shoulders of others. For the most part, I’ve taken other people’s research and synthesized it, looking for patterns and trying to figure out how it all relates together.”  Tons of links here – from mapping people’s real social life and Adams’ research from 2007 to the magic number of 150.

This is about seven  months old and quite long, but is quite interesting especially if you are working the social media beat.

Check out Paul Adams’ blog at and also here