Want an iPod Touch? Get Touched by TSA on 11/24

iPod touch - My PDA.Image by MJTR (´・ω・) via FlickrWhy TSA did not think of this first, baffles my brain.  An iPad would be nice, too. Or anything that’s in short supply this holiday season would probably do the trick (jobs are in short supply, of course, but that may be too tricky for giveaways). Want a turkey? Get touched by TSA (just make sure it’s not a frozen turkey). Want a tussle? Get touched by TSA. But absolutely no biting! Oh, my – one can go on and on with this with a beginning rhymes dictionary.

Via Loopt.com:

National Opt-Out Day – the day before Thanksgiving – is the busiest travel day of the year. In light of recent controversy, many plan to refuse a backscatter scan at airport security, and instead choose a (fairly invasive) pat-down. Either way, people can count on longer-than-usual airport lines.

As a slight gift to opt-outers out there, Loopt is giving away 10 iPod Touches for TSA touching. Just check into your airport on Loopt* on Wednesday, November 24 (with iPhone, iPod Touch or Android), share a bit about your experience, push it to Twitter with the hashtag #touchedbyTSA, and you can win an iPod Touch. That simple.

The company Loopt was formed in 2006 “to build mobile applications that use location to help you enjoy the friends, places, and events around you right now.” Loopt offers a suite of mobile applications that run on over 100 different phones and are enjoyed by more than 4 million people.