Insider Quote: Every bureau has its pets

Tales of the Riverbank...Image by law_keven via FlickrAnyone telling you otherwise is playing the spin master’s game…

NDS of Muttering Behind the Hardline has an interesting bit on FS bidding where perplexed newbies may find some sunshine. Striking part excerpted below:

Every Bureau Has Its Pets

This is simply a reality.  There are always individuals who are highly regarded by bureau principals who are taken care of when it’s time to hand out jobs.  Sometimes that status is based on merit; other times, it was just a matter of working for the right ambassador or DCM at the right time.  The only reason you might be chosen for a job on which a pet has also bid is that management has something even more grandiose in mind for the pet.

Like something high profile …. a stretch DCM assignment …. an acting chieftain or something with no immediate regular replacement in sight …. pet tales, don’t be surprised if almost everybody has one.

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