US Embassy Almaty: Being John Malkovich in Kazakhstan

The Second American – Kazakhstani Film Festival,  organized and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstani company, Eurasia Film Productions, took place in Almaty on October 29-31.  The collaborative effort brought together the American Embassy and key figures from the American and Kazakhstani film industries.  The film makers included the well known U.S. actor, producer and film director John Malkovich and U.S. producer Michael Fitzgerald.  The Kazakhstani participants included producer Gulnara Sarsenova and director Yermek Shinarbayev.  The festival featured six movies acted, directed, and produced by the film festival participants:  While in Almaty, John Malkovich and Michael Fitzgerald joined master classes for Kazakhstani students, film festival panel discussions and answered the questions of numerous reporters.

U.S. Ambassador Richard Hoagland and U.S. actor, director and producer John Malkovich  participate in The Second U.S. –Kazakhstani Film Festival press conference
Photo from US Embassy Almaty