Video of the Week: Jack Black as Professional "Mis-Informant" Just in Time to Scare Us Silly for Halloween

Have you ever seen Jack Black in Nacho Libre where he played a monk moonlighting as a luchador (Mexican wrestler)?  We’ll, he is back this time without the blue tights and cape but as a professional “mis-informant” posing as an eight year old complete with a school backpack as accessory.  Woo-hoo! Just in time to scare us out of our wits this Halloween.

Via HuffPo:

People who love Jack Black and hate lying corporations will get a real kick out of this hilarious viral campaign from Health Care For America Now. Stop Spewman is a two-part satire featuring Black and the lovely America Ferrera that attempts to shed light on the corporate misinformation dominating this Fall’s elections.

In this first episode, Black’s character Nathan Spewman, a professional “Mis-Informant” or undercover pawn of greedy corporations, tries to spread lies about Obama’s health care plan by posing as an eight-year-old boy. Claiming to suffer from “Enlargitis” which makes him appear older, Spewman spreads fear among the kids in Ferrera’s class about Obamacare and death panels, and even uses Justin Bieber as bait.