Insider Quote: "no reason to hurry down the aisle towards yet another acronym: EFM"

From FS Blog, Pantsuits and Pearls:

Since Gene and I aren’t married, in the eyes of the government he’s my Member of Household [MOH] and I’m the Head of Household [HOH]. I’ll wait for the jokes to stop.

Still waiting.

Ok. Whether or not we’ll get married has to be one of the most frequently questions we get asked, right after “where are you going?” and “what will he do?” So here’s a quick explanation for those of you who haven’t heard our decision: we aren’t rushing to the alter. Neither of us wants to get married before we’re ready just because it’s convenient and we’d get more money, although the extra money sure would be nice…I’m unbelievable lucky to have a boyfriend who is so supportive of me taking this job that I want to make sure I’m equally supportive for him. It will take some time to figure out what he can do abroad and if this lifestyle really is for him. I’m pretty certain it is for me, but this is my dream, and I don’t see the need in putting any undue pressure on him or our relationship. Plus, there’s no reason to hurry down the aisle towards yet another acronym: EFM [Eligible Family Member]. Although it does beat the slightly pejorative “trailing husband.”

Laila in Every MOH has a HOH!
From FS Blog, Pantsuits and Pearls
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