Open, transparent and above-board in a closed, secretive and pre-determined sort of way

The alpha channel of Image:PNG transparency de...Image via WikipediaWhat a wonderful turn of phrase to describe the bidding process!

Larry of Beau Geste Mon Ami has written an interesting post about the bidding process in the State Department:

What happened was that, in short order, I received notification from four of the more interesting Posts on my list to “direct your energies towards other positions because, due to the volume of interest we’ve received for our Management Officer vacancy, we will, unfortunately, not be able to further consider your bid.” I even failed to make the short list for a Post that only had five bidders! The whole process seemed to be open, transparent and above-board in a closed, secretive and pre-determined sort of way.

There is an online bid list that we can access to see how many total bids there are for each job to date. The problem here is that our bids don’t have to be submitted until October 12th and many people spend a lot of time lobbying prior to actually submitting their list. So, you may be looking at a job that only seems to have five people interested in it and feel you have a pretty good shot at it, but twenty other folks might be calling and writing to the Post expressing their interest prior to putting in their bids. Posts and Bureaus begin to cull their lists of candidates long before the bid lists are officially submitted. Although no jobs can be offered or accepted prior to the date stated in the bidding instructions (in this case it will be November 8th), in reality many decisions are made long before the bids close on Oct. 12th.

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