Videos of the Week: Stephen Colbert Testifies in Congress on Migrant Labor

Here is the first part where Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert announced his impending appearance at the House Committee.  Also a first hand look at the hard work he did in an American farm packing corn and picking beans.  Now we know why he does not eat salad.
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Fallback Position – Migrant Worker Pt. 2
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Then he showed up at the House Committee Judiciary | Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, & International Law, where he was apparently invited by the chairperson. Below is the clip of his 5 minute or so testimony.
CNN reports that Republicans on the subcommittee were not impressed or swayed by Colbert’s appearance.”Maybe we should be spending less time watching Comedy Central and more time considering all the real jobs that are out there — ones that require real hard labor and ones that don’t involve sitting behind a desk,” said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.   

Here is the last part, where Rep. John Conyers D-MI., asks Stephen Colbert to leave the hearing. But not before he plugged in the Colbert-Stewart rallies in Washington, DC on October 30 and reminisced about the last time the Committee had a full house and had so many cameras (during the impeachment hearings apparently).