US Ambassador to Malta in California Car Crash

President of The Catholic University of Americ...Image via WikipediaThe Daily News Wire Services citing the California Highway Patrol reported on August 26 that a car driven by Douglas Kmiec, the U.S. ambassador to Malta, went off a road near Calabasas, in California killing a nun who was a passenger in the vehicle, and injuring Kmiec and another passenger.

The Malta Independent Online had a follow up report on August 28 that Ambassador Kmiec is recovering in a California hospital and information reportedly from the US embassy indicates that he is recovering well without complications. Excerpt: 

The ambassador, aged 58, was involved in a one-car traffic accident in California last Wednesday.

It was also confirmed that the Kmiec family contacted the embassy but they were not given any additional information.

The Malibu Times reported that Prof. Kmiec was taken to the UCLA Medical Trauma Centre for treatment and is reported to be in a good condition.

Sister Mary Campbell, 75, from Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church was killed in the collision at Las Virgenes Canyon Road and Mulholland Drive on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, 95-year-old Mons. John Sheridan from OLM was also injured but survived the crash alongside Ambassador Kmiec. Ambassador Kmiec himself was driving the car. Police investigations are underway.
The main political parties and the General Workers’ Union have wished Prof. Kmiec a speedy recovery. Various American-based Catholic websites were inundated with well wishes for the ambassador throughout yesterday.

The US ambassador to Malta is a well-known scholar and popular law commentator. He is also a former professor of law at Pepperdine University. Ambassador Kmiec also served as dean and St Thomas More Professor of Law at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.. He also served for nearly two decades on the law faculty at the University of Notre Dame.

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