MAR eCards | Officially too old to work as a diplomat unless …

For FS folks who are subject to mandatory age retirement (MAR), also known as “prompt removal” upon reaching the magic number in the Foreign Service, we have created a new line of ecards to mark this milestone.  

Below is the first in the series we’re rolling out starting this week.  God knows how difficult it is to find a card just for you in the Hallmark aisle. Especially those that says “we appreciate you but you must leave now please … “ If what a former DG says hold true, folks may need these ecards for 35% of the Department’s workforce who will be eligible for retirement in 2012 and for more than half the current workforce who will be retirement eligible in 2017.

Note that Someecards is not intended for use by people under 18 years of age, or by ostriches.

See more of our cards at Someecards — ecards for “when you care enough to hit SEND.” - Happy 65th birthday! You're officially too old to work as a diplomat unless you're a political appointee.