FS Blog: The Mantra … "When we’re fully staffed …."

Short HandsImage by CharlesLam via FlickrThis one from Brian of Hick/Hitchhiker/…Diplomat (!?) Two paths diverged in a wood, and I–I left the paths and climbed a mountain:

“When we’re fully staffed…”

Everyone is repeating this phrase. When people curtail (leave for another post early) and quit (as in, quit the FS) it leaves posts short-handed. It also offers great opportunities for newbies to step up to the plate. Not to hit a figurative home run, but to take a couple swings and do their best or maybe get a bunt.
Back to present day. There is no time for playing with ant mounds and I can’t even fathom wanting to quit this career. Not only that, but I currently have three of the five “cones” present in my job description. It is one benefit of serving in a small, under-staffed post from which people have curtailed and quit. I’m busy and being challenged.

So, your take-away lessons: People quit the FS. New people are presented with some very cool challenges. Having a positive attitude can be difficult but is crucial.

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