American Public Outreach Goes to a Shopping Mall in Jakarta

Pacific Place mall in JakartaImage via Wikipedia
The US Government is seeking a contractor to “operate the @america public outreach center located in a Jakarta, Indonesia shopping mall. The successful offeror must have the capability to provide outstanding public affairs/relations/diplomacy programming in a multimedia environment while at the same time operating the outreach center. Evaluation emphasis will be on programming ability first and operational ability second.”
The Contractor is expected “to provide program, management, operational, security, and janitorial services to operate and maintain the @america Outreach Center in the Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. The outreach center is a public diplomacy venue that showcases American culture, values, and ingenuity to the Indonesian Public using both personal contact and high technology to deliver the message. The Center must remain open during regular Mall hours (from 10:00AM until 9:00PM) each day.
Services required include:

  • Creating and implementing educational and cultural programming (in cooperation with and subject to the approval of the Government Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)). Programming could include cultural performances, guest speakers, lectures, digital video conferences, and other activities
  • Overall management of the outreach center
  • Ensuring approved programming is conducted on schedule
  • Marketing the outreach center throughout Indonesia
  • Assisting visitors coming to the center
  • Procuring and supervising catering of events as approved by the Government COR
  • Ensuring a secure environment to include screening visitors with approved security devices
  • Keeping the outreach center clean and maintained

Here’s more about the @america Outreach Center from the solicitation posted at Fedbiz:

The most vibrant democracy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia remains a culture in which personal contact remains essential. The Embassy can SMS our contacts and write blogs, but we have much less impact without the personal connection. The U.S. Embassy created an easily accessible, American funded facility, the @america Outreach Center, that provides that personal contact to invited guests and the wider, younger Indonesian community who can choose to visit at their leisure. @america was created by a separate contract that covered design and the initial operations. This contract will cover operations from the end of the current contract. @america is a hip, happening location with an American face. It is an edgy, technically advanced space to which young adults naturally gravitate. It is located in the heart of Indonesia, the world’s third-largest democracy and fourth-largest country. @america is easy to drop into and alive with 21st century activities that young adults, including students and professionals, will find of interest to them and thus draw them back again and again. Activities will include such events as films, cultural programs, discussion roundtables, English conversation groups, 21st century research and reference tools, educational advising services, American educational online games and more. With each engaging visit, our visitors will feel more positive about the U.S. and the evolving, strategic U.S.-Indonesia partnership.
Furthermore, as we engage our target audience, we will learn from them what topics they want to learn more about, and we will change our programming accordingly.

The principal place of performance for this contract has been identified as the Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia.
The anticipated five year value of this contract is between USD $5 million and USD $10 million.
See more:
Jakarta, Indonesia – Operation of an American Government Public Outreach Center to Include Providing Outreach Event and Programming
Solicitation Number: SGE50010R0066
Agency: U.S. Department of State
Office: American Consulate General – Frankfurt
Location: Regional Procurement Support Office