Pakistan Superflood: US Relief Operation Photos

The following photos are from DOD’s Pakistan Flood Relief set in Flickr. The photos include USAID, State, and DoD personnel during the humanitarian aid and evacuation missions to assist residents in flood-striken regions of Pakistan.  On the State side, the slideshow below includes the US Consul General in Peshawar, Elizabeth Rood, and the US Consul General in Karachi, William Martin.

Unfortunately, very few of these photos are in the State Department’s photostream, and USAID’s work in Pakistan is totally absent from USAID’s photosteam that appears to contain only the agency’s work in Haiti. And you’re wondering why relief and reconstruction operations wear combat boots?  Without DOD’s cameras, we won’t even have these photos!

Click here to see the full page DOD Pakistan flood relief slideshow in Flickr. In the Flickr slideshow, click on “show info” to read the photo captions.

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