Diplomatic soap opera unfolds: ambassador deserts wife, cancels her credit card/insurance and takes away 40 beloved cats

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Ynet.com released this story today.  Apparently, the diplomatic community in Israel  is stunned because an ambassador from an unnamed South American country has abandoned his wife in Israel, leaving her with nothing. Excerpt:

The woman says her husband took all their shared assets, her personal belongings, and the 40 cats she raised at her home before returning to his home country without informing her.

The envoy at the center of the affair is a veteran, respected ambassador who completed his first tenure in Israel and was about to return to his home country and retire. About a month ago, his wife flew to Europe to attend the wedding of her daughter from a previous marriage. A few days later, her husband called her to inform her that he’s returning to their home country and taking all their furniture, she says.
The ambassador reportedly also took the woman’s jewelry and clothes, leaving her penniless. He also cancelled her credit card and medical insurance. However, she was most hurt by the disappearance of her 40 cats and two dogs.
The woman turned to the embassy but officials refused to reveal any information, prompting the woman to hire private eyes.
Israel’s Foreign Ministry approached the South American embassy in question and demanded its immediate intervention in helping the woman, who holds a diplomatic passport. The woman herself wrote an angry letter to her embassy and asked for its help.

Meanwhile, the husband’s attorneys contacted the wife and embarked on negotiations regarding her rights. However, the woman filed a theft complaint with the police on Monday.

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