General Petraeus Takes Command in Kabul

ISAF Commander Gen. David Petraeus arrived at Kabul International Airport just after 6 p.m. today. He was accompanied by U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry and NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill.

Photo from US Embassy Kabul/Flickr

“General Petraeus, whose appointment was approved 99-0 by the Senate on Wednesday, took pains at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday to back a unified civilian and military effort. He noted then that he had telephoned Mr. Holbrooke and would rendezvous with Ambassador Eikenberry in Brussels, so the two could land in Kabul together.

“Holbrooke has been my wingman, to a great degree,” General Petraeus said in an interview. “We have had, and do have, a very good relationship.” That role, he said, will now fall to Ambassador Eikenberry.”