US Embassy Jakarta: Facebook Fan Meet-Up is On

 Image from US Embassy Jakarta Facebook

US Embassy Jakarta is piloting its first-ever Facebook Fan meet-up at a Starbucks in downtown Jakarta next week, and then in three more cities in early July.   I am told that if successful, they will expand nationwide, and make it a regular  occurrence on different themes.  This is the embassy’s first-ever use of Foursquare, as they continue to innovate in using social media for public diplomacy.

I think this might be the first meet-up ever organized by a US mission, too. Post is using Foursquare for this meet-up, a mobile application that’s a cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide, and a game that rewards users “for doing interesting things.” It lets you “check in” to a place when you’re there, tell friends where you are, and track the history of where you’ve been–and who you’ve been there with. Foursquare challenges users to explore their city in “new and fun ways by earning points, winning mayorships, and unlocking badges and specials for trying new places and revisiting old favorites.”
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