Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright or What happened to FS blog, "A Daring Adventure?"

Tiger, Tiger, Burning bright....Image by law_keven via Flickr

Our blog friend, NDS inquired if Kolbi’s “A Daring Adventure” blog has suddenly disappeared? Yep, it’s gone.  Don’t know who got her but these tigers have been known to slurp bloggers for snacks with their frappucino. But this was fast, much too fast — must be one terribly hungry tiger. All in the last 24 hours, too. If you happen to know the name of the tiger or its trainer, we would like to know. The problem is there are way too many tigers in the zoo. The owners may not always know who the tigers bite. But that they bite, is clearly not a rumor.

This left me scratching my head, of course. I think the last item Kolbi wrote about had to do with “Oakwood” and “We are not a hotel” thingy.  This is going to make me stay up all night – I thought these tigers only work overtime in China, Cuba and Ayran.

Double holy mother of goat!

It’s not only that these tigers are absolutely not nice.  They also bite a spouse who is not a paid employee of the big house! Krrrreeeeeeek. That’s me cracking my neck, trying to figure this out.  Ouch! What?  She stuck her head and made sounds and it was her fault?  Oh, I see — she’s not allowed to stick her head and have an opinion of her own because her husband works for the big house? Oh, that sucks! …… But, hey…. I thought that only happens in places where they forced women to wear those lovely burqas?      

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Don’t wander off here

Stay behind the dotted lines
There’s danger out there

Yes, tigers beyond these lines
And they―are trained hard to bite

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