The Ambassador and the Curling Consuls

Okay, okay, I could not resist the Curling Consuls.  Our Ambassador to Ottawa, David Jacobson recently had a “Principal Officers Conference” with the United States Consuls General from our seven consulates around Canada. That includes Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax. The Ambassador’s blog post says that they were joined by the head of the Canadian Affairs Office at the State Department and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for North America.

He added: “I have been in Canada for 6 months and we wanted to discuss where we’ve been and where we’re going. The three days were filled with meetings until we finished at lunchtime on Friday. But before everyone left for home we met at the Rideau Curling Club to try out the sport I have been obsessed with since the Olympics: Curling.”

The blog post also includes the Ambassador blog confession: “I decided that any sport where the greatest curler in the world is bald is my kind of game.”

 Ambassador Jacobson trying his hand at Curling
Photo from the ambassador’s blog

I am presuming that those legs behind the ambassador with the curling brooms showing are the consuls waiting to try their hands at curling. More photos here.  If you’re heading to Canada in the next two years, read more here. Click here for the Wikipedia entry on Curling and here for the basics of curling. Now, I probably do not need to point out that Curling is a team sport, and time spent on the ice learning the game could be considered a team building exercise. Wikipedia points out that more so than in many team sports, good sportsmanship is an integral part of curling.

Can we look forward to some photostreams at Flickr with our US diplomats assigned to Canada showing off their Curling skills?

Men curling in Ontario in 1909