Most Disturbing Video: Who Killed Louis Maxwell?

Louis Maxwell graduated from Miami Central High School in 2000.  He was reportedly popular among his UN colleagues. During the most recent attack at the UN compound in Afghanistan, he fought heroically to defend it.

This report says that “One of the main questions investigators are examining is how Maxwell, who defended the compound from a rooftop, ended up being killed at street level when the attack was over. Afghan interior ministry spokesman Basharay said at least one of the attackers was wearing an Afghan uniform. “We have accepted that there was a bomber wearing a police uniform and he was shooting everyone that was coming in front of him. Perhaps he has shot the UN security guard. But before saying that, we need to investigate this,” Basharay said. But the former UN officials said senior Afghan officials were uncooperative in providing information after the attack. “We were completely stonewalled,” one former UN official told NBC News.”

A disappointing response from a ministry spokesman (did we train him, too?). The least they could have done, is be more cooperative in the investigation no matter where it leads instead of saying “Perhaps he has shot the UN security guard.” Perhaps?

I’m trying to get this straight in my head – if this is not a case of “perhaps,” as Mr. Basharay has indicated  and if Mr. Maxwell was indeed shot by “friendlies,” was he shot by one of those guys paid and trained with USG money in Afghanistan?   

Watch the video below and see if this does not disturb you.  I really am appalled and upset by this. This young man and his family needs more than a “Perhaps.”  Three days ago, Afghanistan has also officially denied the role of its police force in the death of the other four UN employees in the October attack. It seems to me that this one as well as the “abducted” election process were all perpetrated by foreigners. Anything else that happens in the future can also be blamed on the foreigners.  Will they ever own up to anything there?   I am terribly sick of this war.