Number Three al-Qaeda Leader Killed. Again.

Jumping Brain by Emilio GarciaImage by “lapolab” via Flickr

TSB has this news item today. I saw that news and was afraid I’ve lost my mind and my ability to count. I’m really glad to discover that my brain is not in a real mush as I had feared.  Apparently some of the news media no longer even calls the #3, “Number Three.” Just “leader/s.” Makes me a tad curious about the organization’s leadership succession planning.  Widespread leadership decapitation and the organization still survives?  There’s got to be a management book there somewhere. There already is one on starfish and spiders:  The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations. Just you wait.  

But here is TSB:
“I’ve lost track of how many times it was announced that we had just killed the Number Three al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, but it sometimes seemed like we were killing the al-Qaeda S3 (see page 36 of this document if that term is unfamiliar) about every month or two. The Number One guy stays well hidden, of course, and I guess the Number Two is too important to expose himself much, so it’s the poor Number Three who has to run operations in the field and ends up catching a missile.”

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