I’m off to see the wizard ….

Blog Action Day: Think about your environment.Image by millzero via Flickr
there will be light/sporadic blogging for the next (maybe) several weeks while I learn to juggle my new gigs.

Follow the happenings around the FS with Kolbi’s Weekly State Department Blog Roundup, Digger’s Life After Jerusalem and TSB at The Skeptical Bureaucrat. If you need a good hysterical laugh (who doesn’t) visit Michel at Facts are Strictly Optional.

Lots going on — QDDR-lite will be out reportedly soon; DS agents are hunting down the Eikenberry cables leaker/s; Global Operations, the DSS web series is now coming out in April, US Embassy Bishkek closed today until further notice d
ue to recent civil disturbances; Will it go on authorized/ordered departure in the next 24-48 hours?  Have no idea; but at least Manas Air Base is in the same country.

Check out our faves officially covering Foggy Bottom: Josh Rogin of The Cable, Laura Rozen of Politico and Spencer Ackerman of The Washington Independent   

We’ll see you when we see you… stay safe in your corner of the world — even if you don’t have a coconut tree to perch on or a sunset as gorgeous as this one :-)…