US Embassy Kabul: Guarding the Guards

DS has conducted interviews and is now in the selection and hiring process for personal service contractors (i.e., employees engaged directly by the government rather than a third-party contractor) who will reside at guard camps in Iraq and Afghanistan and assist the RSO with contract oversight responsibilities. This initiative is being implemented at all posts with expatriate/third country national security contractors living in camps. The personnel must have experience in managing overseas protective security programs; experience in high threat locations (preferably); and experience in contractual issues related to security operations and regulations governing the use of private security contractors. Additional contract oversight training will be provided. Until the personal service contractor for Kabul is hired and in place, a DS Agent will remain assigned to the U.S. Embassy’s guard camp 24 hours/7 days a week.

Questions for the Record
Submitted by Ambassador Eric Boswell
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
December 9, 2009
Ambassador Eric Boswell in this response to McCaskill’s questions (see p. 4):