State Dept’s HR Looking for I’AfPak Bloggers

Did you hear that the State Department’s HR office is looking for bloggers?  Yep, apparently if you have served or are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan they would like you to blog about why you volunteered and what you have accomplished during your tour.  According to my sources, this is in preparation for the 2011 Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan (AIP) Open Assignments cycle.

You heard it right – the 2011 upcoming assignment cycle. I wonder if the line-up of this one more acronym – A-I-P — reflects the importance that Afghanistan now occupies in the foreign policy ladder? 

Sorry, I’m sticking to my own, easily recognizable made up bureau, I’AfPak — ‘cuuuuz it sounds more fun than calling it the ape (AIP) cycle! (Q: “Are you bidding in the ape cycle?” A: “No, I’m bidding in the I’AfPak cycle).

This is reportedly the brain child of HR’s Office of Policy Coordination (HR/PC) which plans several submissions to the official blog,
DipNote. I don’t have the contact names, but check the Intranet or your local HR office. 

HR’s Office of Policy Coordination is also reportedly collecting photographs of life and work in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan for display throughout the Department and the Foreign Service Institute.

The next thing you know they’ll be running a slogan contest for the 2011 recruitment cycle!We don’t want to be taken by surprise so we’re trying to get a headstart:


  • Join I’AfPak, Get the Top of Your Bidlist!
  • I’AfPak, a Workaholic’s Paradise
  • I’AfPak, the beginning of a beautiful relationship
  • You should really get a gig in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan; it’s a workaholic’s paradise. You’ll fit right in.