Oh, no! The king of kings was called “a mad man?”

Gaddafi on a white chargerImage by antheap via Flickr

In case you did not see this — Nigeria has recalled its ambassador to Tripoli “after Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s “irresponsible” suggestion that the country be partitioned between Muslims and Christians.” Until recently the chairman of the African Union, Kadhafi apparently proposed earlier this week that the best ways of resolving the incessant ethno-religious crises in Nigeria is for the country to go the way of Pakistan and India that separated and resolved their religious crises once and for all.

This report says that Kadhafi’s “inciting statement has been condemned by many including Nigerian Senate President David Mark, who called the former AU chairman a mad man for advocating the splitting of Nigeria.”

Mark said it is characteristic of the Libyan leader to call for the splitting of nations involved in conflicts. “A mad man who said the same thing about Switzerland, who said the same thing about England; he said the same thing about every other country and then you want to give that any prominence at all? “I don’t think he deserves any mention at all. Truly, in my candid opinion, I don’t think he deserves our attention.”

This is way, way, WAY worse than what P.J. Crowley said from the podium weeks ago.  And he had to publicly apologize for it? And he did not even use the “M” word for the munchkin! 

Is Libya now going to threaten to cut off oil access for Nigeria? Oh, wait, Nigeria has its own oil fields? Oh, drat! Apologies may not be coming anytime soon. Still, one never knows. Stranger things have happened in the world of diplomacy.  Let’s see who will blink first this time.