FS Blog: A Daring Adventure and the State Dept Weekly Blog Roundup

Kolbi of A Daring Adventure has moved her blog from iweb to typepad. Check out her new digs here:  http://adaringadventure.typepad.com/ ; much easier to navigate and has a faster load, too!
If you have not seen her State Department Weekly Blog Roundup, check out the culled weekly list here: http://adaringadventure.typepad.com/blog/blog-round-up.html. I know this is a lot of work, but I think it is appreciated by many as it facilitates better connections among the FS bloggers community. Thank you, Kolbi for all the time and attention you put into this every week!

She usually puts out a call for great blog posts during the week on Wednesdays. Reader submissions are solicited. Blog owners may also bring their recent posts to Kolbi’s attention for possible inclusion. She says, “I’m not trying to have this be a beauty or popularity contest… I honestly am trying to connect with blogs or posts I may not have seen on my own.  I need all the help I can get!”  

Which blog or blog post should you submit? Anything that tickles your fancy. Below is from her Wednesday call-up:

Has a State Department blog post from this week touched you?  Made you laugh?  Did you learn something from it?  Did you find it helpful in some way? Do you think its subject matter is important or compelling? Maybe it included some great pictures… or a great story… or maybe (like what happens in my home a lot!) you liked it enough that you showed your spouse/significant other/family/friends what it had to say.

If so, tell me, because I would love to know about it. And the blog’s author would love to hear that they were submitted! Add a comment… or, if you’d rather, feel free to email me at:jamesandkolbi(@)aol.com
Below are links to her previous blog roundups.