DHS’ American Diplomat Vanishes into Thin Air?

SignOnSan Diego reported that a federal grand jury Friday indicted a Department of Homeland Security employee working overseas on wire fraud charges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego announced. Dario Tomas was stationed in Busan, South Korea, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Melanie Pierson. Tomas’ whereabouts is unknown; he recently fled his posting.

The indictment alleges Tomas duped investors out of $240,000 between May 2007 and October 2009. Tomas told investors that the money they gave him would be used to open a technical training school in the Philippines.
Pierson did not know what Tomas’ title was with the agency but said he worked on a Department of Homeland Security project that focused on security of container shipments.

This report quoting the Haeundae Police Department in downtown Busansays that Dario Tomas, 51, worked in customs in the south-eastern port city of Busan, and had left the country March 3, two days before his diplomatic immunity was to be revoked. Elsewhere, this DHS employee has been described as a “US diplomat” (see links below). 

I supposed, the news media could identify the subject as a Customs Attaché or Customs and Border Control Attaché, but then you have to explain that attaché is a French term in diplomacy referring to a person who is assigned (‘attached’) to the administrative staff of a higher placed person or another service or agency. And “diplomat” is easier to remember, especially if it has to do with fleeing or swindling a widow.

Apparently, this man had diplomatic immunity, but I have no way to confirm that.  And whatever is his title, it’s not going to help him now.  Interpol is reportedly involved in the search. And I still could not find that press release from the US Attorney’s Office in San Diego. 

But good grief! He reportedly swindled a widow, and then vanished?! What a rat!