Now we are two … but not as clever as ever

Hello Kitty Birthday cakeImage by c.r.avery via Flickr


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to me …
…. Now we are twooo!

Let’s see if Diplopundit can crib this from A.A. Milne’s Christopher Robbin’s birthday poem …

And now I am Two, I’m as clever as ever. So I think I’ll be two now forever and ever.  

Except that at two, he was “nearly new” and he did not really get “clever as ever” until he was six. Oh, yes! We know we have a long way to go!  Anyway, I’ve decided that today will be my annual mental health day.  I think I’ll go to a spa and have some cold cucumbers put on my perfectly baggy eyes (I don’t know yet what to order for my brain 🙂  
My birthday wish? — Well, for the last two years, this has been a one-person operation. Things have become a tad much to cover for one person.  My wish list includes someone to follow the FS side on the Hill (a great learning experience), one to track the inspectors and accountability offices/reports from GAO, SIGAR, SIGIR, IGs (this one will make you clever, trust me) and yet another to cover the news around the worldwide available galaxy (including the funnies) that interest our readers. 

Skills in  palmistry (including palm writing), precognition, juggling  and other esoteric arts would be welcomed as long as they do not interfere with your being a news junkie. If you want to cover just  specific topics like EFM issues, leadership/management, logistics, etc. etc. let me know; I’m open to ideas. 

Unfortunately, there is no money in this. Look — I’m still sitting on dust!  But just between us — you will be read from Foggy Bottom and thereabouts of Pennsylvania Avenue, and around the beltway and beyond. Email me offline if you are interested either as an occasional noodle maker or as a regular writer.

Now, the spa is waiting — seeya!