Twitter Diplomacy in Russia

The US Embassy in Moscow has now posted a photo of Ashton Kutcher with Ambassador Beyrle during the US Innovation Delegation trip to Russia. Neither of them identified in this photo:

from US Embassy Moscow
From the US Embassy Moscow:  U.S. Innovation Delegation Arrives in Russia | February 17, 2010
A combined public private delegation of leaders of major American technology and social media companies has arrived in Russia and will be here through February 23.  The purpose of their trip is to bring together these leaders with representatives of the Russian government, universities, private companies, and non-governmental organizations.  They will discuss how social media and other innovative technologies can be used to strengthen and broaden ties between the United States and Russia, and how these technologies can be used to develop knowledge-based societies and economies in both our countries.  This trip is part of the broad dialogue launched by the Bilateral Presidential Commission created by Presidents Obama and Medvedev in July 2009.

The delegation is being led by Jared Cohen from the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning staff and Howard Solomon of the National Security Council.  White House Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra will also participate. They are joined by leaders of major American technology and social media companies, including EBay, Twitter, Cisco Systems, Howcast, EDventure, Social Gaming Network, Mozilla, Katalyst non-government organization, and the New York Academy of Sciences.

The delegation will be travelling to Moscow and Novosibirsk.

The delegation is also on Twitter:
He may be unnamed in that embassy photo but the most popular member of the delegation and the one with the most Twitter followers is no other than Ashton Kutcher aka aplusk in twitterworld. At the time of this writing, aplusk has 4,569,942 followers. That makes him the most followed user on Twitter and he, of course, tweeted about the trip:
To join us live in the room hashtag #rustechdel we are talking transperency
How can the Russian government use technology to create transperency in practices #rustechdel 7:29 AM Feb 22nd via Twitterrific
Hanging with a room of Russian startups. Any advise for them #rustechdel
Meeting with Russian NGOs about human trafficking and exploitation of children. #rustechdel
Reactions from tweetworld:
ImSoNotinDC @aplusk Or transparency. We’re giving so much away nowadays, don’t let the Russians beat us in spelling, too. #rustechdel #snarkiness
jaredcohen Headed to airport after #RusTechDel Successful trip w/21 deliverables in education, anti-trafficking, health, anti-corruption, e-gov
nvnino RT @vlad_chernyshov @iponomarev NYTimes just didn’t understand the purpose of #rustechdel. It’s a pity.
holly_hole RT @pro4pro: Ashton Kutcher’s (@aplusk) cup from Starbucks. Starting price 100$. Money will go for russian innovations:) #rustechdel about 17 hours ago from web
nickwilsdon Ashton Kutcher @aplusk follower count on Feb 10 was 4,505,387, so he picked up around 65k followers on the #rustechdel trip
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