Snapshot: Afghanistan Reconstruction – $51.01Billion and Counting

FY2002-December 2009
As of December 31, 2009, the United States had appropriated approximately $51.01 billion for relief and reconstruction in Afghanistan since FY 2002. This cumulative funding total is based on data reported by agencies and amounts appropriated in FY 2010, as shown in Appendix B. This total has been allocated as follows: $26.75 billion for security, $14.75 billion for governance and development, $3.75 billion for counter-narcotics efforts, $2.05 billion for humanitarian aid, and $3.72 billion for oversight and operations. Figure 3.1 provides an overview of the major U.S. funds that contribute to these efforts.
 From SIGAR Quarterly Report to Congress, January 2010
ASFF: Afghanistan Security Forces Fund
CERP: Commander’s Emergency Response Program
ESF: Economic Support Fund
INCLE: International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement
Other: Other Funding
Source: SIGAR Quarterly Report to Congress, January 2010