Huh? News: Jogger collides with DSS vehicle

This one from The Daily Caller: Struck Down: Feds refuse to explain how agent injured Daily Caller writer:  

The State Department has refused to answer basic questions about an accident that took place in Washington on Wednesday night, in which a U.S. Diplomatic Security Service vehicle struck Daily Caller employee Sean Medlock as he was crossing the street.

An agent in the vehicle, Mike McGuinn, did not identify himself to Medlock at the scene, or apologize for running him down. Indeed, Washington, D.C., police drove to a local emergency room to serve Medlock with a jaywalking citation as he lay prostrate in a hospital bed, while a man who identified himself as “special agent” stood by watching and taking notes.
The Daily Caller sent several questions to the Diplomatic Security Services public affairs office regarding the incident and the employee involved in it and received the following response:

At approximately 7:10 PM last night, a jogger collided with one of the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service’s official vehicles.
The jogger was transported by ambulance to Georgetown University Hospital.
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) responded to the scene and conducted an investigation. Diplomatic Security has since learned that the jogger was cited for Jaywalking. For further details regarding the investigation, we would refer you to MPD.
At all times, Diplomatic Security acted responsibly and appropriately and displayed due diligence in caring for the injured.
Apparently Medlock, according to the report does not even jog. The report also says that he was taken to Georgetown University Hospital with “a broken left knee, lacerations and bruises” and that he will undergo surgery later this week (last week, that is).
Obviously, there are always three sides to every story.  But “collision” and “jogger” may not be the best choice of words here.  A “jogger” who’s not really a jogger cited for “jaywalking” colliding with a vehicle does not sound very good to our ears.  “Collision” denotes “crashing together with violent impact.” Which one of us in our right minds would “collide” with a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis? No report yet  on the condition of the SUV after the said collision.