This potential “Best Practice” is not

In a potential best practice, the DCM mandated a program wherein entry-level officers in the consular section spend one month during their tour in the section of the Embassy that conforms with their individual cone. If the entry-level officer is consular cone, that person still can work in another section for a month. While the intent of this was admirable in terms of long-term professional development, it has added to the staffing pressures that already existed in the consular section. The continuance of the program could lead the Bureau of Consular Affairs to take away an officer position from the consular section. There are other ways to ensure that entry level officers have professional development opportunities without rotating them formally. The inspection team offered examples to the DCM of how other missions are achieving that goal.

Recommendation 2: Embassy Guatemala City should cease the program in which entry-level officers in the consular section are rotated to other sections in the Embassy for one month during their tour. (Action: Embassy Guatemala City)
OIG| Embassy Guatemala City, Guatemala (ISP-I-09-11A) Dec 08 | Note: This report only became available online on 2/2010. Active links added above.