Open Season for 55 EFM (EPAP) Jobs, Deadline Feb. 12

I’m a bit late on this but the Department has announced the 2010 Open Season of the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP).  These positions have been created for  Appointment Eligible Family Members and only applies to positions in the same mission where the employee-spouse has been paneled.

The Expanded Professional Associates Program includes the following categories of positions: Political, Economic, Public Diplomacy, Management, General Services, Human Resources, Financial Management, Office Management, Information Management, Physician, and Registered Nurse. All EPAP positions are at the FS-04 to FS-07 grade level. See FS pay schedule here.

The Department plans to fill an additional 55 EPAP positions in FY 2010. A greater number of positions will be advertised, however, in order to give maximum flexibility to both applicants and bureaus in seeking good matches for the positions. Applicants need to be aware that not every position advertised will be staffed. Final decisions will be made by the hiring bureau based on the number and qualifications of applicants, and bureau staffing priorities.
The application deadline is February 12, 2010. Applicants will be vetted by HR/CDA and notified whether they meet the minimum qualifications for a category of position available under the Expanded PA Program. Qualification for a position does not guarantee an offer of employment. Offers of employment may be made thereafter, but only after the sponsoring employee has been paneled to a position at the same mission. As noted above, AEFMs already present at post also may apply, provided that their sponsoring employee’s tour of duty will extend at least one year beyond the EFM’s start date.

Click here to read the full announcement.