Huh News? Georgia prepares "Holbrooke Brigade"

Josh Rogin of The Cable posted this item last Friday, “Georgia prepares to deploy “Holbrooke Brigade” | FP | February 5, 2009): He writes:

Richard Holbrooke, the special representative for the issue formerly known as Af-Pak will visit Georgia “shortly,” with plans to finalize the deployment of Georgian troops to Afghanistan.
So what will Holbrooke be doing there? Well, in addition to possibly discussing Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili‘s offer to allow his country to become a supply route to Afghanistan, which Steinberg reportedly said was a Pentagon matter, Georgian sources tell The Cable that Holbrooke will be putting the final touches on the plan to deploy Georgian troops to Afghanistan in March.
In Georgia, they are calling it the “Holbrooke Brigade,” according to a source close to the Georgian government. The plan is for 750 Georgian troops to be deployed in Helmand province at the personal request of Gen. David Petraeus, the source said, who was impressed with their effectiveness along the Iranian border during operations in Iraq. According to the current plan, they will be under U.S. command and supplementing 350 Georgian troops already in country as part of the International Security Assistance Force.
One for the huh news, certainly. It could have been called any other name like — the “Obama Brigade” but that might encourage “birthers” to include Georgia as one of the places where BHO was born.  The “Clinton Brigade” sounds all right but might confuse people between Hillary and Bill.  “The Petraeus,” certainly, given that its deployment is reportedly at the general’s “personal request,” but it may sound a lot like a Harry Potter magical curse. So that leaves us with the “Holbrooke Brigade.” Somewhere, a personal archivist is smiling.