Andrew Wyllie: How to send him your help and support

I’ve asked the FLO how the Foreign Service community can help and send support to Andrew Wyllie in this time of bereavement.  I’m passing along the following information for those interested.  I’ve requested and received permission from the family to release this information here:

To all of Andy Wyllie’s friends and family,

Many of you have inquired about ways that you could help the Wyllie family during this extremely difficult time.  In lieu of flowers, a financial gift would be greatly appreciated and would be put to good use in order to assist with the numerous expenses that will be incurred during the coming months and weeks.

The monetary gifts will be collected by Andy’s brother-in-law, on Andy’s behalf, and should be made payable and sent to:        

    Matt Johnson
   6214 Duntley Place
   Springfield, VA 22152
   (703) 644-0042

We greatly appreciate the support that is being given to Andy and his family during this time.                                        
The memorial for Andy’s family will be this weekend in Washington, DC.  Please contact Matt above for time and location.

As far as cards for Andy, you might direct those to: 8090 Winding Way Court, Springfield, VA 22153.                                     

I know words are poor things in times like this but I’m told that cards and kind thoughts from friends have been a great comfort to him.  If you are reading this blog, please send help in any way you can. Thank you.  


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Updated 1/29 per request of the family.