Three FS Family Members Perished in Haiti Quake

Laurence Wyllie, Baptiste Wyllie (5),  and Evan Wyllie (7)

The State Department has confirmed that three family members of Foreign Service employees at the US Embassy in Haiti perished during the earthquake.  No names have been released so far.  From the 01/25/2010 – Daily Press Briefing – January 25

QUESTION: Can I ask you – just going back to that death toll —
QUESTION: — four U.S. official deaths, meaning the three were dependents?
MR. CROWLEY: Three were dependents.
QUESTION: Well, they actually – so they – but they count as official? I mean, I’m not sure —
MR. CROWLEY: Yeah, they’re part of the official – they were there in an official status as accompanying family members in Haiti.
QUESTION: From the —
MR. CROWLEY: But they’re not – obviously, they’re not U.S. employees.
QUESTION: Okay. But – okay, but – and the —
MR. CROWLEY: They’re children or spouses of.
QUESTION: Four Embassy workers, State Department people?
MR. CROWLEY: Yes, yes.
Updated 11:23 pm

I did not realized that the dependents killed in Haiti were all family members of one employee.  State Department employee Andrew Wyllie who was working for the United Nations in Haiti lost “his wife on her birthday and his seven-and-a-half and five-year-old children,” according to Secretary Clinton. My heart is full of sadness. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Updated: 1/27
Andrew Wyllie’s wife Laurence and his two young sons Evan and Baptiste were lost in the disaster. Click here for the official statement from the State Department.

Updated: 6:28 pm

Andrew Wyllie with wife Laurence and children Baptiste, five, front right, and Evan, seven.
Courtesy photo published in
The Newport Daily Express. (h/t to David L.)

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