Haiti Consular Assistance: Two Weeks Later (Update 3)

I originally posted this here on January 20, and updated the numbers on January 21.  The sources are from briefings conducted by the Consular Bureau on January 18 on consular services provided to American citizens (amcits) during the Haiti disaster. Updated numbers are from the Spokesman’s briefings on January 19, January 20 , January 22, January 25 and January 26.   The FS info that came from tips received and not confirmed officially are labeled n/c below.   

40,000-45,000 | Estimated number of American Citizens in Haiti
15,000 | Approximate number of American registered at the embassy
2 | Number of Task Force in Washington
2 |Number of Call Centers Set-up
300,000 | Number of calls received
9,000 | Number of cases opened in crisis database
12,300 | Number of cases opened and track in crisis database (1/20)
3,500 | Number of people accounted for in crisis database
7,500 | Number of people accounted for in crisis database (1/20)
4-5,000 | Number of Unresolved Cases (1/22)
4,000 | US Citizen Files in Crisis Database Unresolved (1/25)
2,900 | Number of American Citizen (Amcits) evacuated (1/18)
4,500 | Number of American Citizen (Amcits) evacuated (updated 1/19)
6,174 | Total number of Amcits evacuated (updated 1/20)
9,288 | Total number of Americans/family members evacuated (1/21)
11,500 | Total US/Family Members Evacuated (1/25)
12,083 | Total evacuations as of 1/26
44 | Number of flights
525 | Number of Amcits in Embassy Compound
136 | Number of Amcits at Haiti Airport
24 | Number of Amcit deaths (private Americans 1/18)
27 | Number of Amcit deaths (private Americans updated 1/19)
33 | Total number of Amcit deaths (1/20)
59 | Total Confirmed American fatalities (1/25)
60 | Confirmed American fatalities as of 1/26
45 | Confirmed fatalities (private Americans) (1/22)
55 | Confirmed deaths (private citizens – 1/25)
56 | Confirmed Amcit fatalities (private) 1/26
37 | Fatalities with unconfirmed identities 1/26
24 | Number of immigrant visas for orphan children
146 |Children issued visas and humanitarian paroles (1/20)
400 | Humanitarian Paroles Granted for Orphans (1/22)
363 | Haitian Orphans Evacuated to Date (1/25)
497 | Orphans evacuated as of 1/26
459 | Haitians issued Humanitarian Parole for Medical/Other Reasons
629 | Haitians Paroled for Med, Humanitarian/Other Factors as of 1/26
$23 million | Contribution raised thru Text “Haiti” to 90999 (1/19)
72 | Number of individuals rescued (1/19)
| Number of individuals rescued (1/25)
3 | Number of email addresses set up
American Citizen Welfare/Whereabouts: Haiti-earthquake@state.gov
American Citizen W/W in Haiti: ACSPaP@state.gov
Adoption Inquiry: ASKCI@state.gov

The Foreign Service in Haiti:
80 | Number of non-essential/family members evacuated
8 | Total Number of Amcits wounded (official personnel)
4 | Number of Amcits seriously wounded (official personnel)
1 | Number of Amcit death (official personnel)
4 | Total USG deaths (official personnel) (1/25)
3 | Official USG Persons Unaccounted for (1/20)
4 | U.S. Government individuals unaccounted for (1/22)
3 | Dependents of USG employees killed (1/25)
25 | Number of Consular Officers (augment) sent to Haiti
793 | Total FSNs or locally employed staff at US Embassy PaP (n/c)
75 | Percentage of the local staff who have called in (n/c 1/21)
28 | FSNs Unaccounted for (n/c)
6 | FSNs Killed (n/c)
6 | Total FSNs Injured (n/c)
3 | FSNs Injured Seriously (n/c)
For an account of the immediate aftermath of the earthquake from one of our diplomats on the ground, read FSO Gary Rex’s piece, ‘The most terrible disaster movie you can imagine’ from The Journal Star of Nebraska.

If you are considering giving aid to the Haiti relief effort please Don’t Forget the FSN Emergency Relief Fund;

that would help our locally employed staff in the country.
Updated 1/27 with January 26 DPB.

Three FS Family Members Perished in Haiti Quake

Laurence Wyllie, Baptiste Wyllie (5),  and Evan Wyllie (7)

The State Department has confirmed that three family members of Foreign Service employees at the US Embassy in Haiti perished during the earthquake.  No names have been released so far.  From the 01/25/2010 – Daily Press Briefing – January 25

QUESTION: Can I ask you – just going back to that death toll —
QUESTION: — four U.S. official deaths, meaning the three were dependents?
MR. CROWLEY: Three were dependents.
QUESTION: Well, they actually – so they – but they count as official? I mean, I’m not sure —
MR. CROWLEY: Yeah, they’re part of the official – they were there in an official status as accompanying family members in Haiti.
QUESTION: From the —
MR. CROWLEY: But they’re not – obviously, they’re not U.S. employees.
QUESTION: Okay. But – okay, but – and the —
MR. CROWLEY: They’re children or spouses of.
QUESTION: Four Embassy workers, State Department people?
MR. CROWLEY: Yes, yes.
Updated 11:23 pm

I did not realized that the dependents killed in Haiti were all family members of one employee.  State Department employee Andrew Wyllie who was working for the United Nations in Haiti lost “his wife on her birthday and his seven-and-a-half and five-year-old children,” according to Secretary Clinton. My heart is full of sadness. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Updated: 1/27
Andrew Wyllie’s wife Laurence and his two young sons Evan and Baptiste were lost in the disaster. Click here for the official statement from the State Department.

Updated: 6:28 pm

Andrew Wyllie with wife Laurence and children Baptiste, five, front right, and Evan, seven.
Courtesy photo published in
The Newport Daily Express. (h/t to David L.)

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Personal Protective Services (WPPS II) Audits Cancelled by State/OIG

in August 2009 due to insufficient documentation
The OIG office had just released its August 2009 Memorandum Report on the Preliminary Review of the Second Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS II) Contract Task Orders (MERO-A-09-12). The memo informs Administration (A) , Diplomatic Security (DS), the regional bureau, Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) with courtesy copy to Management (M) of the audit cancellation of the WPPS II contracts due to “insufficient documentation.”  See excerpt below:  

 The Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security contracts with Triple Canopy, the U.S. Training Center (formerly Blackwater), and DynCorp for personal protective services around the world, including Jerusalem, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
OIG’s review of Triple Canopy, Blackwater, and Dyncorp contract TOs found insufficient documentation to meet the objectives of the audits. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 4.805 requires contract files listed in FAR 4.803 to be retained for a minimum of six years and three months after the disbursement of the final payment on the contract.
OIG requested 34 contract and procurement documents for each TO. The table below depicts the number of documents provided for review and the number not available for review.

Based on DIG’s receiving insufficient documentation during its preliminary review of the Office of Acquisition Management, DIG is cancelling the following previously announced audits immediately:  
  • Audit of Contract Administration of the U.S. Training Center (USTC) Second Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS II) Contract in Afghanistan, Task Order 004, under Contract Number S-AQM-PD-05-D-1098; 
  • Audit of Contract Administration of the DynCorp Second Worldwide Protective Services (WPPS II) Contract in Iraq, Task Order 009, under Contract Number S-AQM-PD-05-D1099; 
  • Audit of Contract Administration of the Triple Canopy Second Worldwide Personal Protective Services (WPPS II) Contract in Jerusalem, Task Order 002, under Contract Number S-AQM-PD-05-D-11 00; 
  • Audit of Contract Administration of the Triple Canopy Second Worldwide Personal Protective Services Contract in Iraq, Task Order 007, under Contract Number S-AQM-PD05-D-1100.
Whoops! Where did the documents go?  Active links added above, btw.