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From FS blog, SassAndSweet ““Observations about working as a Diplomat. Thoughts on living in Israel. Comments on life, the universe and everything.” Extracted from entry What to Write, What to Write?

I have to send a shout out to & word of appreciation LS who kindly congratulated me a couple weeks back via the Consular Corner re: my Olympics Posting to Whistler.
so my thanks to LS is for posting the word and congrats that I’d heading to Whistler for the Olympics because THAT got noticed by Public Affairs & Consular Affairs and last week an email popped into my inbox at work…
I’m hardly the only one but … among other imminently more qualified people than myself. I’ve been asked to write a blog entry to be published by the Department of State about my posting to Whistler. We’ve negotiated subject and timing so I’ll be writing it 48 hours after my arrival – and discussing first impressions, my role up there for the upcoming Olympics, and probably some “Ra Ra State!” wordings. Which I’m cool w/because I like my job and my employer. Most days… 🙂
Active links added above. The writer has been tapped to open State’s first temporary consular office in Whistler, Canada to provide support for the U.S. Olympic Committee and consular assistance to American tourists attending the Olympic Games.

The up floors as much as the down floors probably read Liam’s Consular Corner (newsletter and Facebook). Now that’s something to think about, ya?