US Embassy Khartoum Issues Warden Msg Over Airline Threat

Air Uganda MD-80 at Entebbe International Airport.Image via Wikipedia

The US Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan issued a warden message alert on potential threat against Air Uganda transiting between Sudan and Kampala. Excerpt below:

Warden Message | January 8, 2010
This Warden Message alerts American citizens in Sudan to a potential threat against commercial aviation transiting between Juba, Sudan and Kampala, Uganda.  The U.S. Embassy has received information indicating a desire by regional extremists to conduct a deadly attack onboard Air Uganda aircraft on this route.  While the capacity of these extremists to carry out such an attack is unknown, the threat is of sufficient seriousness that all American air travelers should be made aware.  Air travelers on any airline and route should maintain vigilance at all times, and should report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.
The Department of State continues to warn against all travel to Sudan, particularly in the Darfur area, where violence involving government forces, rebel factions, and various armed militias continues.  American citizens who choose to travel to Sudan despite the existing Travel Warning, and those currently in Sudan, should review their security posture and take appropriate precautions.
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