Watch out! This is going to get louder, folks…

This Week had Terry Moran with Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan and a congressional panel with Representatives Pete Hoekstra and Jane Harman, Sens. Susan Collins, and Joe Lieberman. Excerpted from the transcript.  

COLLINS: The problem with profiling is, if you take that approach, you’re going to miss the Richard Reids, who do not fit the profile. But what we have in this case was a failure to act on a very credible report from the terrorist’s father that should, at the very least, have caused the State Department to revoke his visa.
To me, that is the biggest question. Why wasn’t this individual’s visa revoked once we had such a credible report that he posed a threat? That, to me, is an even bigger failure than the failure to screen him effectively.
LIEBERMAN: We know from past experience that some of them will be back in the fight against us. The leader of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula broke out of a jail there until we killed him, apparently, in the raid Christmas week.
So we’ve — we’ve got a lot to investigate. But I think we’ve learned a lot already about how to close some of the holes. I believe, incidentally, that we ought to take a look at taking that visa application and admission responsibility from the State Department. It doesn’t really fit with foreign policy anymore. And in an age of terrorism, I think the Department of Homeland Security ought to be handling visas abroad.
I also think that we ought to be very much tougher about terrorism watch list. If somebody — somebody’s father comes in and — and says he may be an extremist, he ought to go on a list that is — is alerted any time he approaches, as Abdulmutallab did…