Visa Officers as Future Perfect Scapegoats

“U.S. consular officers are instructed to issue full-validity visas as often as possible. In an act of reciprocity, we issue visas of the same duration as those issued to Americans by the host government. The challenge in training new consular officers, however, is that because of this popular misunderstanding of what a visa actually is, many fear “being on the hook” for the next ten years (a common visa validity). Sure, the applicant looks qualified now. But what if he becomes a jihadi in seven years? He’s still got the visa, and Uncle Sam and the general public may look for a scapegoat if he tries anything stupid. And that scapegoat may very well be me.”

FS Blog: Calling a Spade a Spade
“Rants of a Foreign Service Officer on the things that matter to you — and matter to you not at all”