Colombia: New Barracks Construction Awarded

Aerial view of San José del GuaviareImage via Wikipedia

The State Department had just awarded a new contact for the construction of barracks in Colombia to Carlos Gaviria Y Asociados S.A., a company based in Bogotá.

The project under U.S. Embassy Bogotá’s Narcotics Affairs Section (NAS) consists of the construction of a barracks/housing unit with kitchen, laundry, dining room and living room area, 1110 square meter unit constructed in masonry and concrete. The structure will be one story capable of lodging 120 people (maximum) on bunk beds distributed in 20 separate rooms with restrooms. The project includes, site works, reinforced concrete structure, masonry, plaster and paint, metallic roofing, water and sewer installations, electrical and gas networks.

Place of performance is at Joaquin Paris Military Base, located in San Jose del Guaviare, Guaviare, Colombia. It is located at the southwest part of the country in the Amazonia jungle region. It is located 340 Km from Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, and can be accessed through domestic airlines, river and an under construction road. The average temperature range is between 21 and 32 C and 55 percent humidity. It is considered to be a high risk and hostile region.

The estimated construction cost for this project is between $400 and $700 thousand dollars. The actual contract awarded in dollar amount according to
FedBiz is $727,142.92. See the solicitation statement: SWHARC09R0008.doc (741.50 Kb)

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