Insider Quote: He Who Runs On is White Noise

“It has become increasingly apparent over these months that I have a problem, and it is all-too-common in the new-to-bureaucracy demographic. Ladies and gentlemen, I am too prosaic for my own good. Wordy, even. So, in recognition of this situation, I made an early New Year’s Resolution: to become “cogent Ben.”

You see, in a culture where millions of words are exchanged daily in the form of telegrams, e-mails, cables, and faxes, He Who Runs On is the one considered white noise. People like succinct and they like punch. There’s only 24 hours in a day and heaven forbid we waste these precious seconds working our minds around passive voice and dangling modifiers. Naturally, we would want to avoid this anyway — it is just terrible writing, after all — but simple S-V-O should be considered the sentence structure du jour.”

By Ben
Just Spit it Out Already
from FS Blog: Random Neural Firings