Diplopundit’s Blog Index for November 2009

2009 Influenza Pandemic: Border Entry Issues

Fm the Good News Dept: Mobile Computing for State

SFRC Report: How We Failed to Get Osama bin Laden

Video of the Week: Ian Goldin: Navigating our global future.

What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?

Ambassador Neumann on Corruption in Afghanistan

Reconsider the Role of the PRTs?

Happy Thanksgiving!

SFRC Website Finally Gets a Make Over, Sort Of

Hard Skills Training Center at Old Smelting Plant

Warning on Espionage Got China’s Attention

Squirrels Are Us?

There are families at US Embassy Kabul?

Terror Charges: From Minneapolis to Somalia

Vice Consul James Hogan: 1,440 Hours Missing

Quickie: Senator LeMieux, Brazil is Waiting

Ambassador David Jacobson: Applicant for the Day

Espionage Conspiracy: Myers Couple Pleads Guilty

JFK – November 22, 1963

Video of the Week: Pranav Mistry’s Trilling SixthSense

Confirmed: Polt, Stroum, Prahar, Huebner, Tefft

Confirmed: Fernandez, Barton, Kennard, Lomellin, King

Confirmed: Hudson, Yohannes and Arnavat

A Word on Diplomacy 3.0

Quickie: Senator LeMieux on Thomas Shannon and LatAm

Officially In: David Adelman to Singapore

Officially In: Harry K. Thomas, Jr. to Manila

Officially In: Elizabeth Littlefield to OPIC

HRC Presents Heroism Award to Matt Sherman

Rodearmel v. Clinton: Appeal to SCOTUS Filed

Officially In: Eight for the Broadcasting Board of Gov

Insider Quote: I was qualified to be in the SFS

SFRC Hearings: Rowe, Fernandez, Wills, Goldberg

The Governator Visits US Embassy Baghdad

SFRC Clears 14 State Dept Nominations

SFRC Hearings: The Warlicks, Tsakopoulos Kounalakis

Special Agent Fred Ketchem: DS Employee of the Year

Officially In: Scott H. DeLisi to Kathmandu

Officially In: Beatrice Welters to Port-of-Spain

S. 1524: USAID Reform Bill Scheduled for Mark Up

Quickie: English Lessons Via Mobile Phones

Remember When: Policy on Wives of Foreign Service Off

Urgent and Critical Assistance Needed

The Secretary of State’s SOSA Awardees 2009

Peace Corps to Return to Indonesia

Quote: Married to the Service in the 50’s

Snapshot: State Dept’s Family Member Employment

Video of the Week: Lonely Hearts Scam Division

Get Ready for the RiceHadley Strategy Group

Peter Galbraith in the News Again

Jumping the Gunman

Quickie: TelConference With Ambassador Eikenberry

Obama’s UN-Mgt Reform Nominee’s Troubles

AFSA 2009: Four Post Election Possibilities

Did we legally adopt Afghanistan while we were asleep

Confirmed: Jeffrey Bleich to Australia

Officially In: Laura Kennedy to US-CD

Officially In: Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe to US-HR…

Officially In: Carrie Hessler Radelet to Peace Corps

Kosovo Honors Bill with a Statue on Bill Clinton Ave

Officially In: Dr. Rajiv Shah to USAID

USDA Official Rajiv Shah to USAID?

AFSA 2009 Election Challenged

The Berlin Wall: 20th Anniversary

Don’t Tell Me – Another “Idle Curiosity” Case

Quickie: Joe Klein on Hillary’s Moment

The Linguists Are Coming … From DOD?

The Ambassador: When Working for One is an Adventure

Video of the Week: National Leadership Index 2009

Afghanistan: Ticks with CCHF Virus?

Confirmed: At Last – Arturo Valenzuela to WHA!

Snapshot: Top 10 Recipients of US Foreign Aid

H1N1 Vaccine for Foreign Service Personnel

23 US Officials: Rendered Guilty in Italy

Quickie: Foreign Service 2009 Promotion Lists

Quote: Diplomats, Not Meant to Sell Widgets

Colton v. Clinton: Amended Complaint Alleges Retaliation

SFRC Hearings: Bleich, Huebner, King

Horn v. Huddle: DOJ Settles Suit for $3 million

SFRC Hearings: Zeitlin, Arvanat, Barton, Yohannes

Nov 4: The Day the Roof Fell In

SIGAR Report: Sinks in Its Lightness of Being

Officially In: Suresh Kumar to USFCS

Insider Quote: Sometimes there are obstacles

Best Consular Blog. Dead, So Very Dead.

US Embassy Kabul: Honoring DEA Agents Lost

The AFSA Challenge: Prove This Theory Wrong

Quickie: The FS Blogosphere in 2009

Diplopundit’s Blog Index for October 2009