Vice Consul James Hogan: 1,440 Hours Missing

Now that's what I call missing.Image by robpatrick via Flickr

US Vice Consul James Edward Hogan disappeared on the night of September 24. He was reported missing by his wife, the following day. As of today, he has been missing for 60 days with no new report on the development of the search in the Netherlands Antilles. He has now been missing for 1,440 hours.

It seems like the only site that still continues to track news of his disappearance is the Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Site.

The State Department addressed the disappearance of Mr. Hogan, from best I could tell, on three occasions during the Daily Press Brief in October.

Daily Press Briefing – October 1

Daily Press Briefing – October 2

Daily Press Briefing – October 5

An email inquiry sent to Timothy J. Dunn, the Chief of Mission/Consul General at the US Consulate General in Curacao has not been returned. Nothing on its website indicates that one of its three officers has gone missing or that there is a search going on.

In contrast, when US Defense Attaché, Thomas Mooney disappeared from the US Embassy in Cyprus on June 28, 2007, the U.S. Embassy there issued a public appeal for information on the whereabouts of Colonel Mooney. The NYT reported that “an announcement posted on the embassy’s Web site urged anyone with information “which might be helpful in locating him” to contact the police.”

And at the sad conclusion of LTC Thomas Mooney’s disappearance, then Ambassador Ronald Schlicher released an official statement also posted on its embassy’s website.