The Governator Visits US Embassy Baghdad

From US Embassy Baghdad: Governor Schwarzenegger Visits U.S. Embassy Baghdad. On November 17, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited U.S. military and civilian personnel in Iraq to thank them for their service to the United States of America. Hearkening to his role in the Terminator movies, the Governor kept his promise, made in 2003 when he first visited the troops in Iraq, telling them “I’ll be back“.

Ambassador Hill with the Governator
Photo from US Embassy Baghdad

Two other photos available here, only one enlargeable, the other, the governator’s thumbprint size, so don’t bother printing it out.

The Multi-National Force Iraq has another photo here available in Flickr in five sizes.

Twenty some more photos here from DVIDS available in high res. Videos of the Governator’s visit are here: Part 1 | 10:28 and Part 2 | 3:59