The Ambassador: When Working for One is an Adventure

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“The Ambassador is a hands-on manager who has a highly personal, dominating management style. She has persuaded the mission to think outside of well-trodden bureaucratic strictures and engage in new initiatives. This makes working for her, at times, an adventure. The mission staff acknowledges the pluses of this arrangement (she has a good batting average) and of her energetic, effective pursuit of U.S. policy objectives. […] While the Ambassador has an impressive list of successes, her centralized management style has also created problems and has blurred lines of communication and coordination within the mission. Her multiple direct-tasking of individual officers has led to a pattern of stove-piping in which officers tend to report only to her, hindering adequate coordination.”

Extracted from
Inspection of Embassy Riga, Latvia
OIG Report No. ISP-I-06-39A | August 2006