Insider Quote: Sometimes there are obstacles

india - lord ganeshaImage by rosemaniov via Flickr

“Weeks ago at the hospital I started to cry while my FSN and I waited for the Embassy driver to fix a flat tire. “She is going to die here because I can’t do my job.” What I secretly longed for her to say was that I’m good at what I’m doing, that this was a situation of the woman’s own making, that we had done everything possible. The FSN watched me silently for a bit while I pressed a handkerchief over my mouth and nose to muffle the noise. “Sometimes there are obstacles,” was the eventual reply. She had learned this word from me when I had delivered her present from India: a little carving of Ganesha. “He’s supposed to help remove obstacles in your work,” I’d explained. Now I wish I’d gotten one for myself.”

by Katie at 3:37 AM

from FS Blog Adventures in Good Countries
(Starting out in the Foreign Service)